Conservative surgery of the joints

We can achieve a correct alignment of multiple deformities that may exist in the foot and ankle and that cause pain by means of soft tissue surgical interventions (joint capsule, tendons, etc) or bone osteotomies (cuts), so eventually avoiding osteoarthritis and joint destruction before they occur. All of this is accomplished by using the latest techniques of minimally invasive surgery to minimize open surgery complications. This way you can correct hallux valgus (bunions), hammertoes, foot arches, flat, varus feet and valgus deformities of adult foot and ankle, Morton neuroma, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, nail lesions, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis and other tendons of the foot, ankle instability or chronic pain after repeated sprains, sports injuries, birth deformities, neurological problems, soft tissue lesions or tumors and cysts and infections.

Foot and Ankle fractures and nonunion or malunion fractures

Surgery is carried out in all possible locations of these injuries and it’s focused on minimal incision to reduce the likelihood of complications and accelerate recovery.

Surgery on injured joints

Once the joints are partially or completely destroyed already, other surgical techniques are needed, namely arthroscopy cleaning and perforations or rebuilding damaged cartilage when possible, arthrodiastasis (very novel technique that involves placing an external fixator around the foot to distract the joint for a while and help regenerate joint cartilage improving pain greatly), both prosthetic foot and ankle in selected patients and the so-call arthrodesis (fusion of the affected joint only).

Studies of gait

Placement of custom-made insoles and other foot and ankle braces specific for each condition.

Supervised physiotherapy for each pathology

Diabetic foot

Extensive experience in treating diabetic injuries in the foot and ankle, from prevention (so important in these patients as to avoid its consequences) to cure (of the infected ulcers or not, or Charcot neuropathic foot and circulatory foot problems).