Non-invasive therapies for cartilage lesions of the joints and the known osteoarthritis, due to either traumatic or degenerative causes, that is, as a result of trauma to the joint or progressive wear, have been designed recently. We are improving these techniques very quickly and they are substantially improving patient symptoms, without the need of surgery in many cases or to delaying it for a long time in others, obtaining better results and survival of the prostheses, for example.

To do this, in my clinic I use top of the new generation compounds. The latest the market has to offer.

One of them is called collagen. It is a natural supplement that is administered directly into the damaged joint with an injection that may be of great help for the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis. It consists of a protein that has been widely used in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of wrinkles and skin deterioration in general population without any side effects, and recently we have found that it plays an important role in repairing defects joints, bones, tendons and muscles as well. Is a major component of tissues, so that it is assimilated without any problem, exerting an effect of hydration and elasticity thereof.

Another important substance is called hyaluronic acid. This is a molecule, again, which is an integral part of the tissues, particularly joints. It has been showed that it loses over time and wear stresses. It’s injection is designed in different joints of the body. It is a product of very viscous texture, consisting of large molecules that exert a repair effect, lubricant and shock absorber of pressures, for example by walking and exercising.

To expand more information on this compound I refer to the article I published on the following link, where its usefulness and effectiveness is explained: ÁCIDO HIALURÓNICO Y ARTROSIS

But there are even newer treatments, which in this case are not laboratory formulas, but instead extracted from the organism.

But there are even newer treatments, which in this case are not laboratory formulas, but instead extracted from the organism.

One is the use of growth factors, also called Platelet Rich Plasma. By a simple and small blood draw, which can be performed in the clinic, the blood obtained is processed by centrifugation and supplementation with different compounds. Thus we isolate and activate only a few molecules belonging to the blood platelets, which are responsible for tissue repair. It can be used not only in the joints but also in the damaged bones, tendons or muscles.

Finally mention must also be made to the so-called Stem Cells in our field. They have the potential to generate new cartilage as these cells, which are extracted by puncturing the bone, are the precursors of differentiated cells that will form part of the tissues. When they are injected into the damaged tissue they finish their differentiation and generate new tissue repairing damaged structures. It is being used in many diseases, not only in Orthopaedics, with encouraging results.

Therefore, we can say that we have available today different regenerative therapies that are proving successful already, as demonstrated, with little side effects and, in many cases, we can avoid or, at least, delay surgery, for the benefit of our patients.